My Impressions about England 2019

from Helene Ott
Our trip to England was one of the best experiences in my life.
We arrived on a sunny Sunday in Dover. We had such nice weather on the ferry and we took a lot of pictures. The white cliffs were very impressive and with the sunset in the background the perfect picture was created. I could not believe that we were finally in England.
Before we got on the ferry, our passports were controlled. I was so surprised about the politeness of the officer. He asked how I feel, where we are travel to and if we stay there. Then I answered that we are staying in Whitstable and he wanted me to enjoy the beach. When I compare these officers to those in Germany, I think that the Germans can learn a lot about the politeness of the British people.
When we arrived at the harbor in Dover we could see Dover Castle. At this moment I got a little bit nervous, because we were going to meet our host families. We came to Whitstable and first met our host father, Antony. He was so nice and we talked a little bit about our journey and of course the weather. They showed us their small bungalow and we were welcomed by a very friendly and sweet dog. His name is Harry and he can´t get enough from cuddling, which he loves nearly as much as food. Susi (the cat) was sitting on the armchair and they explained that she will ignore us for most of the time. Margret, our host mother is from Scotland as she later explained and she is really proud of her bath furniture, because it is green and has a vintage look. I struggled a little bit with the light in the bathroom, because the light switch was hanging and like a former toilet flush. That was very new to me. All in all we talked a lot with them. They showed us pictures from their sons, those marriages, children and dogs. Our host family told us the story about every picture in their house. I remember especially one story from the Eiffel Tower in Paris where they got engaged. The whole house was very clean and our room had nice furniture. Margret and Antony were really happy about our guest present. The best thing about our host family was, that they showed us Whitstable. We visited a house that looked like a castle and where you can celebrate your birthday. Also, they showed us the harbor and we went down to the beach to go for a walk with Harry. Antony walked through the Centre of Whitstable with us and told us stories about it. He showed us a picture from an old fisher man which was painted on a wall and later we saw him in reality walking on the street. Another fun experience was that we walked through a small alley, which is called “Squeeze Gut Alley”. Isn´t it a very funny name?
On our first real day we visited London. The capital of England is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and I cannot wait to visit it again. First we made a city tour, to get an overview of London. We visited nearly all the important sights, except for Buckingham Palace. But later we went to see the home of the queen in the free time of our last day (she was even there to that time).
When we first stopped I didn´t know that we were near Tower Bridge, but later I saw a part of it through the buildings. On the other side you could see “The Shard”, one of the highest skyscrapers in Europe. I also realized that I could not afford a flat in that building ever in my life, because it is so expensive. I think around 50 million pound per flat. At the town hall we had a nice view of Tower Bridge and as many others we took a lot of pictures. The town hall is very modern and all made of glass. I realized that the Thames is a very brown river, because of all the mud.
After that we drove by our bus to St. Paul´s Cathedral. There we took the elevator to the top of a building from where we had a nice view. We could see the Cathedral really well and we even saw the London Eye. We had very nice weather again. Then we drove to the inner city of London. We passed Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square.
Just some minutes later, we stopped and walk to the London Eye. It is a pity that Big Ben is renovated, so you cannot really see the building. After our bags were controlled we took a gondola of the London Eye. These gondolas are very big and 25 people fit in one of them. I didn´t noticed that it was moving, because it was relatively slow. The view was gorgeous. You could see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and other beautiful buildings. I think we drove around half an hour and at the end it got pretty warm. Then we went into the 4D cinema. The short movie that we watched was pretty cool. When you saw snow in the film, you felt some kind of soap bubbles coming from the ceiling. Sometimes you thought that the people really come over to you.
We walked next to the Thames to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. There we did a workshop with one of the directors of the Globe. In one of the studio rooms, we played the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. We learned how to use our voice and body language to play the role well. I learned a lot during the workshop, especially about the theatre. It was a nice experience. We walked back to our bus and enjoyed the sunset. Some musicians played and the atmosphere was very nice.
Our first day in London was over and it was time for us to go back to our host families. There we had dinner and a conversation with our host parents, before we went to bed.
On Tuesday we went to Hastings. After one and a half hour of driving we reached the sea. There we had about an hour of free time, which we used to go to the beach. We took some pictures and enjoyed the sunny weather.
Then we had our teatime. It was a little bit difficult to get there but then we found it. When I first heard the voice of the woman, who was showing us English traditions, I could not believe that this was a real voice. I thought it was a cat or something like that. During the teatime she was talking normal, which was good for my ears. We drank some tea and ate scones, which I don´t like. Also, she showed us how to drink tea correctly. Later the teachers and some students (including me) also danced.
From 12.30 to 4.45 we had free time again. We walked into the inner city and there we saw some shops. Some of us bought something and others didn´t. The day was really relaxing and that was good, because after our day in London I was a little bit exhausted.
The next days were pretty interesting too and we saw a lot of things. In London we visited Buckingham Palace by ourselves and we did some shopping. I had also my first experience with the Underground of London. We were a bit in a hurry, because we had to be at 4.15 at the Tower Bridge. We ran throw the station (glad that the people on the escalator where standing on the right side). I was the first one at the train. I held the door open for the others, but then the door closed and my hand was pinched between them. In that moment I was pretty scared, but then David opened the door from the inside. And most important we got to the Tower Bridge on time. There we walked on the skywalk. That was very cool. Then we took the Underground to the Arena, where our bus was waiting. After we got some food we started our journey back home.
This journey was so incredible and I will never forget this gorgeous time. I had so much fun and we had many unforgettable moments. I am very thankful that we could make such a nice experience and that we could see how the people in England live. The British people that we met are such polite and hospitable persons. I never felt unwelcomed or weird, because they are so friendly. I will visit England definitely again.
Thank you, Mrs. Hühn for planning our trip. I know that this was a lot of work and You did a great job!